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Speedtalk event with ISE: So you think you can present?

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On Friday, April 7, the officers of the MSTC student group, TCA, partnered with the Industrial Systems Engineering student group, ISE GSA, to co-host a graduate student professional development opportunity.

Entitled So you think you can present?, this event featured Arthur Berger giving a presentation on how to give technical engineering presentations (very meta, he knows), followed by an interactive workshop wherein the ISE students got to work one-on-one with MSTC students to improve their forthcoming class projects, presentations, and defenses. We had an enthusiastic crowd of about 20 engineers and technical communicators gather together to learn more about aspects of oral communication and discuss best practices. Food and prizes rounded out the evening. See more pictures of the event on our Facebook or Instagram accounts!

About the Student Groups

The ISE GSA serves all the graduate students in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering by representing, providing an open forum for discussion, disseminating information of interest, and fostering unity amongst students through seminars, social gatherings, and other activities like this Speedtalk.

The Technical Communication Association (TCA) impacts the educational value that local NC State students receive by promoting better technical communication skills through a variety of social, academic, and professional opportunities. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWordPressand our TCA website!

We look forward to working more closely with ISE and other technical, scientific, and engineering student groups on campus!

With Appreciation

Special thanks to the following people:

  • First and foremost, to all our attendees, thanks for coming and sharing your research with us!
  • To the ISE GSA, especially Lena Abu-El-Haija and Sidd Nambiar, for collaborating with our student group—tech commers and engineering SMEs make a great team!
  • To TCA Officer Rachael Graham for coordinating the opportunity to work with ISE
  • To TCA Officer Arthur Berger for his presentation on presentations
  • To TCA Officers Nikita Apraj, Chris Sanchez, and Jiaxin Zhang for their help with the event
  • To the NC State GSA for funding the event under a block grant, and especially to the Treasurer, Freddy, for his unflagging guidance
  • To the NC State Student Involvement Center for allowing us to reserve their wonderful facilities and helping us set up the A/V equipment
  • The the NC State English Department, for its continuous support of its students

TCA T-Shirts for Sale!

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Hello everyone,

Order your TCA t-shirts today by filling out this order form! The price is one for $12 or 2 for $20.
Why buy TCA t-shirts?
Besides supporting your wonderful campus club, backing the Pack, and looking downright tech-comm-tastic, there are a number of reasons to purchase a t-shirt:
  • 100% of the money raised goes to TCA.
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  • We need to raise this money as matching funds in order to secure funding for next year’s SpeedCon and continue putting on events like the recent SpeedTalk on mixed reality.
  • For every dollar you spend, we can get the Student Govt Assc to match one dollar (budget pending)
  • I won’t stop sending out group emails until they’re all sold!!!!
We have a limited number of 30 t-shirts, so don’t wait! Available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Email me or the group ( if you have any questions!

Documentation Support for an IoT Product, A Case Study

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Check out this blog post, which was written by Nupoor Jalindre and is a synopsis of Michael Harvey’s IoT presentation for the STC Carolina chapter.

If you have written anything about your experiences at SpeedCon or in Technical Communication in general, we would love to hear about it! Send your story to and we will share it on our site.

Beverly Heustess’s A 5-day Sprint in 45 Minutes

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Check out this blog post on Beverly Heustess’s agile sprint workshop at SpeedCon.

If you have written anything about your experiences at SpeedCon or in Technical Communication in general, we would love to hear about it! Send your story to and we will share it on our site.

SpeedTalk Mixed Reality Night Success!

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Rachael Graham, 2nd year MSTC teaching assistant and TCA officer, led a workshop on the intersections of technical communication with mixed reality. Participants learned about the virtuality continuum (see figure below), and then practiced developing augmented reality instructions using an online application called Layar.

Figure 1: The Virtuality Continuum

reality continuum

Schedule of events

  • Welcome and Sign-in (Arthur, Jiaxin, Nikita, Nupoor)
  • Introduction of the Topic (Rachael)
  • Workshop with Layar (Rachael)
  • Open Discussion of Challenges and Opportunities of TC and AR (Rachael and all participants)
  • Mixed Reality Petting Zoo (Rachael, Chris, Nupoor, Sree)
  • Prizes and Closing Remarks (Arthur)

Thanks and appreciation

We would like to thank the following people for all their help with the event:

  • Rachael Graham: for developing and delivery an informative and engaging workshop on a very cutting-edge technology
  • Julia Gonzalez: for assisting with the event as our faculty advisor
  • Sree Pattabiraman: for leading one of the mixed reality petting zoos, and for being a consistently supportive MSTC alumna
  • The English Department and CHASS: for providing the space and support to conduct the event
  • STC Carolina and TriUXPA: for promoting the event on their websites/distribution emails
  • TCA Officers Arthur Berger, Chris Sanchez, Jiaxin Zhang, Laura Zdanski, Nikita Apraj, and Nupoor Jalindre: for volunteering their time to plan, organize, and execute the event

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to all the participants of SpeedTalk. We hope that you will continue to join us for future discussions about the technical communication profession.

Collage highlights of the night

SpeedTalk: Mixed Reality Night 3/3/17 at 7pm

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Join TCA for a SpeedTalk, a night of informal learning and collaboration on a topic of interest to the technical communication / user experience field.

About the Mixed Reality SpeedTalk

This SpeedTalk will be on Mixed Reality. Learn how trends in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are intersecting with traditional skills and concerns of Technical Communication. Practice making AR instructions! Get free food and prizes!

Students, faculty, alumni, practitioners, interested community members…all are welcome! NC State students, led by 2nd year and TA Rachael Graham, will lead the introduction and workshop portion. Following will be a chance to network and play with a mixed reality “petting zoo.” You are more than welcome to bring a technology to share–it can be loosely related to mixed reality or TC.


Meet us at Caldwell Lounge on Friday, March 3rd at 7pm.

RSVP by filling out this form here. A calendar invite will be sent shortly afterwards to confirm your registration.

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to a great event!