The John Martin Foundation

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We’re so grateful to have the generous sponsorship of our very own John Martin for this year’s SpeedCon! John’s SpeedCon sponsorship is as an individual, not on behalf of an organization or company. He received his Master’s degree in Technical Communication from NC State in 2007, he works as a technical communicator for NC State’s Office of Information Technology, he’s a prolific content generator in a variety of digital outlets, and he’s a two-session SpeedCon presenter veteran.

And by a “prolific content generator,” we mean he makes lots of Facebook status updates and check-in comments, and he has a blog entry for every day of his life for the last 8.5 years. By a “two-session SpeedCon presenter veteran,” we mean he presented these two sessions at last year’s inaugural conference: Control from the Crypt and Communications Metrics.

In addition to his gold-level sponsorship, John also donated a Kindle to be given away as a door prize at this year’s conference. Say hello to him if you see him at the conference, but caveat emptor if you do: You may end up in one of his Facebook status or check-in comments or on a blog entry of his. You can read John’s blog, or follow him on his personal Twitter account or NC State’s Office of Information Technology Twitter account, which he runs.


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