InnerSights Counseling and Consultation, Inc.

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Thank you to our Gold Level Sponsor: InnerSights Counseling and Consultation, Inc.

Is it time for you to find your path to change and growth?  If so, InnerSights Counseling and Consultation, Inc. is the place for you.  Dr. Rhonda Sutton is the owner of InnerSights, and her mission is to provide personal and professional development to clients so they can find their own unique ways of leading productive and fulfilling lives. Often the change needed involves a relationship with a loved one, a significant other, a colleague or even one’s self. Therefore, the relationship Dr. Sutton has with her clients is an important one, and she believes in meeting people where they are so as to help them take the path to where they need to go. Whether it is a matter of identifying different alternatives to deal with a change, intervening in a time of crisis, or finding ways to overcome a challenge, Dr. Sutton partners with her clients to support them, guide them and empower them in their search for professional and personal success.  InnerSights:  the place for you to find your path, experience positive change and realize a more fulfilling life.

Dr. Rhonda Sutton is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of North Carolina with over 25 years experience as a counselor and over 15 years experience as an administrator. Her professional experience has centered on assisting people with improving various facets of their lives as well as advocating for those who have experienced unfair treatment or who did not know how to have their concerns addressed. She has worked to help employees and employers resolve conflicts and find solutions to complex work-related issues. Currently, Dr. Sutton works with individuals, couples and groups to address both personal and professional concerns.  She provides counseling to individuals and couples, she works with organizations to solve employee-related issues, she coaches people on their individual concerns, and she partners with leaders to identify better ways to improve the work environment. She enjoys working one-on-one with people or facilitating interactive workshops. She is certified in the Emotional Quotient Inventory, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Human Patterns. As an adjunct professor at NC State University, she teaches classes on gender issues, cross-cultural counseling, cognitive-behavioral techniques and group counseling. She has also presented on emotional intelligence, assertiveness, conflict resolution, work/life balance, equal opportunity issues, diversity issues, and leadership


One thought on “InnerSights Counseling and Consultation, Inc.

    Dan said:
    November 22, 2012 at 5:59 am

    I’m glad you shared a trusted and professional counselor.I’m looking for someone who can help me deal with my personal and professional concerns.Thanks for sharing.

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