2012 Wrap-up

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We’re very excited about SpeedCon 2012! We loved the sessions, the flow, the food and the turnout and we’re hoping that everyone who made it out feels the same.

A few housekeeping items… First, we’re collecting links from all the presenters who have copies of their content online. If you’re one of those people please email us links to your presentation, or upload them to slideshare.net and tag them #speedcon.

Secondly, we really want to know what worked an what didn’t. Unconferences are challenging and ever-evolving so please complete our short survey to let us know your favorite things about the day and clue us into the things that we might want to change in the future. The survey is available at https://speedcon.wordpress.com/evaluate-speedcon-2012.

Thanks again to all our sponsors! We were able to provide great food and door prizes this year and that was all thanks to the support of our community. We’re so grateful!

Finally, we really couldn’t do this conference without the participation of both our attendees and speakers. An unconference is dependent on user-generated content and everyone- even those who didn’t present- contributed to the conversation. Thanks very much to everyone for showing up and caring enough to contribute.

Hope to see you next year!


One thought on “2012 Wrap-up

    John Martin said:
    November 19, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Jen, thanks for all of the incredible work you did on this site, from building it beforehand, curating it during, and now wrapping it all up for us! You’re the best!

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