Presenting at SpeedCon: A Primer

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So in case you haven’t heard, SpeedCon is an unconference. This means that our attendees will also be our content providers. We need you! Come with past presentations, passion projects, industry insights, or simply interesting topics you want to have a conversation about.

If you’re thinking about talking, but looking for inspiration, we have the schedule from past years online to give you an idea of some of our past subjects: 2011, 2012. We also have a few topics that have already been proposed for this year previewed in the sidebar. (Pst! Over there to the right!)

Don’t forget, we have some really beautiful spaces to work with and present in at the Hunt Library. It’s certainly not required that you come with a presentation, however if you would like to make your presentation utilize the spaces to their best effect, we have information on the screen sizes that you should use for your presentations below. That being said, ANY presentation can still be displayed!

Got questions about presenting? Drop one of us a note (Sarah Egan Warren or Jen Riehle) and we’d be happy to fill you in on how it all works. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you next weekend!

Screen Sizes:

  • Creativity South: 3568 x 1080px
  • Creativity North: 3614 x 1080px
  • Teach & Virtualization  Lab: Presentation screens use standard widescreen, 16:9

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