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No SpeedCon in 2015

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We are sad to report that SpeedCon 2015 will not happen. We hope to revive SpeedCon: An UnConference on Communication in the future.


Thanks to our Sponsor: Timely Text

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SpeedCon 2014 is grateful for the support from our silver sponsor, Timely Text, one of the top 5 employers of Technical Writers and Instructional Designers in the Triangle area.

Without Timely Text’s support, SpeedCon 2014 could not happen! Timely Text’s sponsorship allows us to keep SpeedCon a free event. THANK YOU.

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Timely Text provides instructional designers, technical writers, marketing communicators, corporate communicators and communication project managers on a contract basis to Central North Carolina clients in a variety of industries including technology, healthcare, software, and banking. Their clients include ABB, Applied Research Associates, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Cisco, Elster, Novo Nordisk, Progress Software, Quintiles, RBC Bank, Tipper Tie, and Transenterix.

TimelyText is led by Ronnie Duncan, Founder and President/CEO. With more than 30 years’ experience in business operations, sales, and technology.

We look forward to Ronnie Duncan’s presentation at SpeedCon. His unique perspective on area companies and the skills needed for technical communication positions is sure to be of interest to our current students, alumni, and area professionals.  

Keynote speakers for SpeedCon 2014

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SpeedCon 2014 will feature two keynote speakers.

  • Dr. David Kroll will kick off the event with a presentation immediately following the session pitches.
  • Dr. Wade Newhouse will wrap up our day with a presentation at 3:30 p.m.

Dr. Kroll and Dr. Newhouse are kind enough to return to SpeedCon in 2014. Dr. Kroll presented a well-received session in 2012 about Wonder Drugs from Nature. We are excited to have him start SpeedCon this year! Dr. Newhouse gave a funny and thought-provoking closing session in 2012. If you missed it last time, be sure to make plans to see him wrap-up SpeedCon this year!

Dr. David KrollDr. David Kroll is the Director of the Science Communications at the NC Museum of Natural Science’s Nature Research Center. Currently, he is also an Associate Professor in the English department and is teaching Writing for Health and Environmental Sciences.  He received his BS in Toxicology from  Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science and his PhD in Pharmacology & Therapeutics from the University of Florida.  He is a science writer and blogger  (Terra Sigillata here:  and Take As Directed  and Forbes contributor

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Dr. Wade NewhouseDr. Wade Newhouse is an Associate Professor of English at William Peace University.  He received a BA in English Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his MA in English here at NCSU, and his PhD in English from Boston University.  He has published articles and book chapters on such authors as Sir Walter Scott, William Faulkner, Ambrose Bierce, and Neil Gaiman.  An actor and improvisational comedian, Wade is the Assistant Director of the local improv comedy troupe Raleigh’s Village Idiots, and he has appeared in several William Peace Theatre productions, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Cabaret.  At Peace he teaches composition classes, as well as courses in Law and Literature, Southern Literature, Children’s Literature, and American Hauntings.

For more information see:!/126-wade-newhouse