Speedcon is not possible without the generous support of local companies and communicators. We endeavor to keep this conference free by putting most of our communications and information online and cutting back on conference perks, but there’s still no such thing as a free lunch! These generous members of our community are sponsoring Speedcon 2016 and helping us make this event possible. A huge thanks to all our supporters!

2016 Sponsors

Thank you to all our 2016 sponsors: N.C. State University Department of English and Julia Gonzalez.

NC State Department of English

We literally don’t know where we would be without the NCSU English Department, who graciously sponsored and offered the use of Tompkins Hall for Speedcon 2016. To learn more, please visit http://english.chass.ncsu.edu/.

Julia Gonzalez

Not only did Julia donate money to sponsor Speedcon, but she has also been extremely generous with her time as TCA’s Faculty Advisor. Thank you so much for helping us bring both TCA and Speedcon back this past year. We couldn’t have had a more thoughtful, patient mentor in these hectic times!

Sponsorship Information

For more information or to indicate interest in sponsorship please contact any of the TCA Officers. Thank you!

Corporate Sponsorship

$100 Bronze
  • Name on website
  • Name on conference sponsorship board
$250 Silver All of Bronze, plus:

  • Option to leave marketing materials to go at sponsorship table
$500 Gold All of Silver, plus:

  • Verbal recognition of your company during introductory remarks
  • Blog post and thank-you links put out across all of TCA social media sites
$1,000+ Platinum All of Gold, plus:

  • Featured presentation slot
  • Option to bring own signage and set up a booth at the conference

Individual Sponsorship

Individuals are welcome to donate at any of the tiers described above under the corporate sponsorship, or additionally at the following levels:

  • Friend, $25, name recognized on website
  • Patron, $50, name recognized on website and at Speedcon


Thanks again to all our supporters!

Previous Sponsors

2014 Sponsors

Thank you to all our 2014 sponsors: Timely Text, Progress Software, STC (Society for Technical Communication), and John Martin.

Timely Text
SpeedCon 2014 is grateful for the support from our silver sponsor, Timely Text, one of the top 5 employers of Technical Writers and Instructional Designers in the Triangle area.

Without Timely Text’s support, SpeedCon 2014 could not happen! Timely Text’s sponsorship allows us to keep SpeedCon a free event. THANK YOU.

Timely Text logo

Timely Text provides instructional designers, technical writers, marketing communicators, corporate communicators and communication project managers on a contract basis to Central North Carolina clients in a variety of industries including technology, healthcare, software, and banking. Their clients include ABB, Applied Research Associates, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Cisco, Elster, Novo Nordisk, Progress Software, Quintiles, RBC Bank, Tipper Tie, and Transenterix.

TimelyText is led by Ronnie Duncan, Founder and President/CEO. With more than 30 years’ experience in business operations, sales, and technology.

We look forward to Ronnie Duncan’s presentation at SpeedCon. His unique perspective on area companies and the skills needed for technical communication positions is sure to be of interest to our current students, alumni, and area professionals.  

Progress Software
SpeedCon is excited to have Progress Software as a sponsor for SpeedCon 2014!

PROG_Logo_OrangeBkgd_GlowProgress Software is a public company headquartered in Bedford, MA, with an office locally in Morrisville, NC. Progress makes application development products, including an on on-premise application development platform, a cloud platform as a service, database connectivity drivers, data connectivity as a service, and an application platform as a service.

Progress is providing us with a superb selection of door prizes and other giveaways for our attendees. We’re supremely grateful to have Progress supporting us; SpeedCon could not happen without the generosity of our community companies!

Society for Technical Communication (STC)
We are very grateful to our bronze sponsor, the Society for Technical Communication, for continuing their support and their sponsorship of SpeedCon!

STCSTC is the world’s largest and oldest professional association dedicated to the advancement of the field of technical communication. The Society’s members span the field of the technical communication profession and reach across every industry and continent. In fact, the Society has members in almost 50 countries and is continuing to grow rapidly outside of North America and Europe. Locally, STC has a very active professional chapter with lots of activities and networking opportunities. You can learn more on the STC Carolina Chapter website, http://www.stc-carolina.org/.

Thanks so much to STC for helping us make this event possible!

John Martin
Once again we’re pleased to have the support  of our very own John Martin for this year’s SpeedCon! John sponsors us as an individual, not on behalf of an organization or company. He received his Master’s degree in Technical Communication from NC State in 2007, and now works as a technical communicator for Red Hat, in downtown Raleigh.

John loves contributing to the digital landscape and does so prolifically! He regularly posts to Facebook and he has a blog entry for every day of his life for 10 years. John has presented at several past SpeedCon events on very interesting and diverse topics, such as Control from the Crypt and Communications Metrics.

Be sure to say “hello” and thank John if you see him at the conference, but caveat emptor if you do: You may end up in one of his Facebook status or check-in comments or in a blog entry of his. You can read John’s blog, or follow him on his personal Twitter account.

2012 Sponsors

Big thanks to our sponsors for the Fall 2012 SpeedCon!

  • Lifetime Asset Management
  • NC State English Department
  • ACM Special Interest Group on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC)
  • Society for Technical Communicators – Carolina Chapter
  • InnerSights Consulting
  • Flip It Consulting
  • John Martin 

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